A Russian Conversation.
Russian Simply Explained.

Hello, my name is Natasha Jeffrey I am living in Cheltenham, England. A native Russian speaker with two Russian teaching degrees. I have taught both Russian and English (EFL) for over 10 years, 8 in Russia and 2 in the UK.

My Services: Study Russian, need a Translation or Consultation.

Contact me for the following:
· Russian Internet Tutorials from £15.00 per hour.
· Personal Tuition Rates based on £20.00 per hour.
· Explanations on all your questions concerning the usage of Russian words and structures.
· English-Russian text translations.
· Help with tasks, tests, etc.
· Information & Translation for Russian magazines, newspaper articles, and Business issues.
· Answers on questions about Russian culture.
· Help with making a speech/presentation in Russian.

Simple explanations.
Professional teacher with a confidential and responsible attitude.
Native Russian speaker. Fluent English.

email: natashajeffrey-75@hotmail.co.uk

Good Luck