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Thread: Private tutor in DC

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    Private tutor in DC


    I'm looking for a Russian tutor in the Washington DC area. My husband is Russian and his mom speaks no English so I will like to learn. Also, I want to learn so that my kids can also learn it as a third language.

    If you or anyone you know tutors in the DC area let me know.



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    Hi Criska,
    I read your other post too and now `m only curious: what would your kids' third language be (besides English and Russian) - Spanish?!
    Anyway, I hope you will find a nice tutor in your area...

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    Hi Agnessa,

    Yes, you guessed it... Spanish It will be easy for my family and I to teach them Spanish since we will try to speak it more often when we are around them. However, Russian is a whole other story... It's not like my mother-in-law lives here so they won't be able to here it as often. She may move to the US when we have kids but until than I don't think they will here it often enough unless I learn so that my husband and I can speak it around them. We'll see

    Thanks!!! I hope I find one too!

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    I was wondering if you are still looking for a Russian Language in structor in the DC area. I am a native Russian speaker and I have been teaching Russian as a Second Language for a few years in the DC area. YOu can reach me at

    I am a teacher of Russian as a Second Language and I offer Russian Language tutoring in Washington, DC area.
    If you are interested, please get in touch with me at

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