Ok, boys and girls)....My name is Peter, I'm 25, I live in central Russia, near Chelyabinsk city.
I love to talk with people from other countries in skype (especially native-speakers of english), sometimes we do conference calls and 2-5 people talk, nice stuff, you know)).
My interests are:
-music (I compose electro music with special software and I play guitar and write songs in downbeat, gothic, drugsound rock band =);
-computers (I work as a network administrator with a machine-building factory..I'm on internet at least 10 hours a day...so I like to talk about LANs, Cisco routers and such stuff);
-psychology, philosophy,theology (when I'm alone or drunk I like to think about life, death, God, eternity,loneliness....and I write songs and poems about it, btw)

Ok, enough!) Feel free to contact me and I'll teach you how to swear a lot in Russian..lol
skype: karyazin
mail: karyazin!!!!!!@!!!!!!!mail.ru (delete exclamation marks)
icq: 341 506 489