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Thread: Russian girl looking up for a pen pal

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    Russian girl looking up for a pen pal

    Hi! My name is Ann. I am from St. Petersburg. I am looking up for a pen pal. I study in phys-math school and study english and a bit german. I want to practice my English and can help you with Russian. I like music, dancing and beach volleyball and so on.

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    hey there

    HI, my name is Anjeli, or josie, which ever you prefer. I'm from the US and I'm interested in helping you with your english, if you can help me with my russian. I'm 16, and currently attending a private high school. I'd be more than happy to help you out!

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    re hey there

    HI, Anjeli! I am very glad to meet you! Write to me

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    I love languages

    Hi there. My name's Diego and I live in C

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    Hey Anitas, you know what? For some reason, I can't get in touch with that link, if you want, e-mail me at Thanks!

    -Anjeli Josie

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    Oh, I tried and it worked! Are you sure you didn't mispell the address?

    By the way, how long until you graduate???

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