I'm a 19 year old girl, I come from Latvia. My interests are arts, equestrian sports, languages, cinema, theater, humor shows (I'm fanatic), different cultures, traveling, trains, drawing, writing and so on. Also I play guitar (mostly Russian pieces). I love writing letters - real letters, so called snail-mail (did I mention that I like calligraphy as well?). But the main reason why I want to find a pen pal is that I want to learn more about the culture of my ancestors - that of Ukraine and Armenia that is. I kinda feel that I need to return to my roots, if you know what I mean. Also, I'd like to practice my Russian, which I haven't used much (I do understand it well but I'd like to practice it myself). As I mentioned it somewhere else, I believe in friendship between ex-Soviet countries as we have a lot in common. Umm, what else. Oh, I study British language and culture in the university so I can help you with English, if you'd like me to. Almost forgot - I'd like to have a pen pal who's older than me because I want to talk with people who have more experience than me and whom I can learn from.
Ok, I'll try to sum it up.
Snail mail pen pals from all over the former USSR (Ukraine and Armenia preferably) wanted!
Please, let me know if you feel like talking with me, here's my e-mail (for initial contacts..) - bakhante@gmail.com