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Thread: A little About me

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    A little About me

    I think maybe you might want to know a little about me...

    I am hoping to visit russia. um... I have blue/gray eyes, I have brown hair, I am 5' 2'' tall, and I love Alexei Yagudin, and Yevgeny Plushenko!!

    I am an Irina Slutskaya Fan. I love Soccer, and I am a girl (I'm female.)

    and No... I am DEFINATELY NOT GAY!!

    I am a very normal girl, and I am of Russian Ancestry.

    I want to learn russian so much!! I can not stand the fact that I don't know how to spek it. my accent is very bad. I need help!! I would love to have russian friends, or someone from Eastern europe as a friend.

    I love to talk, and I would be happy to help anyone on their english if they want. I hope that ther is somebody out there interested in writing me!!

    oh, and if you want to know what I look like, I look the same as Irina Slutskaya... I just am a bit younger than her

    please write me!! at:

    bye. Alexashka

    P.s. please leave a link to contact you if you put up a posting.

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    nice ta meetcha!
    her:"yah hachoo.."
    Me:....."BLESS YOU"

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    Re: A little About me

    I see you're very popular . One can't even fight through . I've sent you an e-mail at, but it wouldn't receive. It said

    "...they are not accepting mail from"

    Hmm... interesting when did I manage to get into your black list
    No, seriously, I think you should get rid of this box, or use another, otherwise'll scare away great deal of your penpals

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