My name is Andrey Tushev, I am 48-years-old Russian man from Ukraine. I am a teacher of Russian language and literature. I have been learning English on my own for some years. I think, now I have achieved an intermediate level. It means that I can read newspapers, listen to radio and understand basic words and phrases. But my English speech is poor and often uncorrect because I have not anyone to speak with. To improve my language skills I need a penpal, a native English speaker who learn Russian language in an approximately mutual level – for a mutual help.
We might give two or three lessons a week each to another, communicate through Internet, discussing the themes, interesting for us and try another language activities: reading, speaking, listening and writing.
My personal interests are: language, chess,literature, politics, music, psychology, art, history and all humanitarian problems.
I will be glad to get acquainted with a person who learns Russian as seriously as I do English.
So, e-mail to me: tushev1@ukrpost.ua
With the best wishes, Andrey Tushev.