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Thread: I can help you with Russian. Can you help me with English?

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    I can help you with Russian. Can you help me with English?

    My name is Pavel and I'm Russian. I like English and I want to improve it. I read books in English and try to watch movies in English. I also like to translate from Russian into English because it's a good practice.
    Sometimes when I translate something into English I am not sure if I am right and I want someone to check my translation and correct me.
    So I decided to find a friend who is a native English speaker so we could help each other.
    You could ask me questions about Russian, I could check your translations and so do you.

    If you are interested, my contacts are:
    S-k-y-p-e: megosuyaya
    I-C-Q: 638382

    Let's help each other!

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    I want to learn Russia, but my English is also not good enough. However, you are not interested in Chinese. Anyway, we can make friend, either. HAHAHA...
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