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Thread: Hi Amerikans Freinds!!!

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    Hi Amerikans Freinds!!!

    Hi, I Harchenko Alexandr I from Russia and want gets acquainted with American at my age, but if more exactly at age 13-12 years.
    I live in city under name Tura but by birth I from city Velikie Luki city VERY GREAT! answer me please! else I can speak as will be on american that, or other word =)
    else I have a brother twin his name is Aleksey but shorter Lesha but me shorter Sasha I rage computer play Mortal Kombat I rage Acrobatics and go on Lessons piano
    if there is mistakes in this letter that Sorry me I not much well his know answer write on its American language ok?=)))
    write answer here:

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    Re: Hi Amerikans Freinds!!!

    Send me a private message here if you wish. I'll try and help you.


    (american wishing to learn Russian)

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