I am wondering how to proceed with learning to actually be able to communicate and most of all being able to freely write and read on the internet. At this time I feel like I have the knowledge but lack the ability to put it forth even semi effectively. I want to put to use the foundation I possess but have difficulty realizing it.

Disclaimer: Really unable to take classes where I live, and I have some doubts even if there were classes.

I am self taught. I can read and write all Kana. Although I seem to have huge difficulty reading Kana more rapidly, when I read Russian or English I basically acknowledge whole word as a unit and process it quickly but with Kana I seem to be unable to do just that. Is there a way to improve in that category? I Got a few books with furigana included for kanji and able to read without much problem but it is agonizingly slow paced.

My grammar is patchy, I know some advanced grammar and don't know some basics.

Pronunciation is great from what I have been told when I tried communicating with native speakers. I probably should thank my continuous practice in this category and knowing Russian and English.

I started picking up Kanji, learning both Kun & On with compounds provided via few Kanji websites that I found to be good for me.

Vocabulary, it's hard to judge how big this area is but I am able to get by barely unless it's some kind of technical talk.

edit: Forgot to mention that I possess Pimsleur 3 lvls of Audio and I went through everything there, from very basics to lvl 3 where it's kind of advanced from what I understand.

edit2: Thinking of Getting Rosetta Stone 1st and 2nd lvl. Is that a good idea?