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Thread: Pronunciation

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    Could you check my pronunciation. Are there any mistakes?

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    Re: Pronunciation

    I am not a native speaker so I will leave the details to them. Some things I noticed:

    The 'th' and 'h' sounds are not quite correct. Especially the 'h' is often too harsh. The Russian pronunciation of х seems to me to have varying degrees of a rasping quality. You need to eliminate the rasping quality completely.

    Sometimes your vowels aren't diphthonged, for instance 'most'. The 'o' here is not a single vowel but a gliding vowel from o to u.

    You also pronounced the word 'fibres' with r-e, but it is pronounced as if it was written 'fibers' (which in an American text it would be).

    When words end in -ng, the g is not pronounced clearly, and especially not hardened to a k. It is a nasal sound, which I think does not exist in Russian. In general, the hardening of final consonants as Russian has it is absent from English. English has a different effect called 'linking' - the borders of words are more prone to melting into each other than in Russian.

    Спасибо за исправления!

    Вам нравится этот форум, и вы изучаете немецкий язык? Вот похожий форум о немецком языке.

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    Re: Pronunciation

    You sound more German than Russian.

    Work on your "th" sound; you pronounce it like "z."
    And your short "i;" you pronounced "it" like "eat."
    You seem to labor with the "o" sound and stretch it out.
    Кому - нары, кому - Канары.

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    Re: Pronunciation

    Your intonation is very good! It is clear that you undertand everything that you read.

    Try to not say Russian "x" when you mean English "h".
    I know this is really tricky... But practice it anyway.

    The English "th" sound is tricky for many people. I agree with sperk that you pronounce it in the way that some German people do. Practice that too.

    Practice 1) "h" and 2) "th"

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    Re: Pronunciation

    Could you check my second speech about Esperanto. Are there mistakes?

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