This is a Russian song (originally French) equipped with an English translation. The translation was done by a Russian. Could you please tell me how it sounds, I mean how much authentic this English is? ... re=related

The whole text, just in case:

Hello, Hello, Gem, how is it going
When you have fun, time truly flies
Two weeks of parties - life is boiling
Indeed, they've got the cutest guys!

My Fair Lady - things are smoothly running
The life goes on without a hitch
Trees are in bloom, the sun is shining
There’s just one small tiny glitch

And anyway, it's for the better,
It is an un-important matter
Your horse had died for some peculiar reason
But every other thing is well.

Hello, Hello, Marcel – it isn’t fair!
My poor horsie is deceased
My groom, what happened to my mare
My horsie, may she rest in peace

My Fair Lady - things are smoothly running
Today is better then before
There is no need to do a lot of crying
Because your horsie is no more

What is that horse – it’s just a mare
It isn’t even worth your care
We’ve lost it when the stables burned to cinders
But every other thing is well.

Hello, Hello, Pascal, I think I’m fainting
Blaze in the stable killed my horse
I’m so distressed, my knees are shaking
I hope the news won’t get much worse

My Fair Lady - things are smoothly running
And almost all is going great
Each cloud, remember, has a silver lining
It’s just a silly whim of Fate

The whole estate burned down and later
In ashes people baked potatoes
Some day you’ll have a more impressive mansion
But every other thing is well.

Hello, Hello, Lucien – I’m devastated
Chateau has burned down to the ground
Flow from my eyes destroyed my makeup
Afraid tonight I won’t go out

Your lawyers who get paid for being idle
Came by and sadly they have told
The news that left your husband suicidal
That both of you had lost it all

He lit his final cigarette then took a pistol to his head
The match fell into his briefcase and soon the room was set ablaze
The fire spread throughout estate before we reached the stable gate
Your poor horse was locked inside, from all the heat and smoke it died
Whatever fire didn’t touch, was traded for some Port and Scotch

Let’s hope your creditors are tall and handsome
But every other thing is well.