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Thread: Случайно набрел на слово Beatnik

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    Случайно набрел на слово Beatnik

    Вот нашел слово интересное в английском

    The term beatnik was coined by Herb Caen in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on April 2, 1958. Caen coined the term by essentially modifying the earlier term Beat generation by adding the Russian suffix -nik after Sputnik I. It may have been Caen's intent to portray the "beats" of the "Beat generation" in a negative light by his new turn of phrase, which implied that the "beats" were un-American. Kerouac's earlier term had more positive connotations, associating the beat generation with words like the musical definition of beat, the journalistic definition of beat, and later having religious connotations with the word beatitude.[1]

    И что это слово действительно используется в английском? В русском-то конечно было такое, хиппи и битники, гопники - духованя нищета. Но что это слово родилось в Штатах, я уж никак не подумал бы.

    Прямо гордость берет за наши русские суффиксы! (А нет тут смайлика, который кулаком себя в грудь бьет? )
    English Edition

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    It is also used in English: about 4,620,000 hits on Google for "beatnik"
    Well, I don't know what to say. I want to say thanks to the Academy, to Mama, to Papa and to my dog. I love you all.

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