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Thread: American Learning German

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    American Learning German

    Hallo, I'm searching for a German who can speak english and is willing to help me to continue to learn. My german teacher is teaching us german words and phrases from the 70's- 90's and I am looking for someone that is more up to date.
    If you can help please reply or email me at

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    Re: American Learning German

    There is a US-based forum for learning German at

    Delphiforums is a platform for all kinds of forums and has paid memberships, but you don't need a paid membership to use the forums, the free basic one is completely sufficient. I work as a tutor on this language forum. We offer exercises, discussions, answer questions, and if you want to you can team up with a tutor and work on a 1:1 basis with him.

    If you'd like to, you can post an introductory message there, addressed to me (username Robin), and I'll show you around.

    Спасибо за исправления!

    Вам нравится этот форум, и вы изучаете немецкий язык? Вот похожий форум о немецком языке.

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    Re: American Learning German

    That would be fantastic! Thank you!

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