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    No Smoking in Arabic.

    How do you say "No Smoking!" in Arabic? Someone told me that it's "!شرب الدخان الممنوع". I just want to check it. I would appreciate it if you write it both with Arabic script and latin letters.

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    شرب الدخان ممنوع
    SHurbu Ad Dukh KHaan Mam nOO'
    kh=ch in scotch loch

    this sentence is literlay : drinking (Arab uses drink to describe the act of smoking)cigarettes is forbidden.

    The most Common all over Arab countries is
    ممنوع التدخين
    ممنوع Mam Noo' means forbidden
    التدخين At Tad Kheen means smoking
    but the grammatically correct way is to say التدخين ممنوع
    I become jealous
    of my words when
    i say them to you
    and you like them
    but not me.

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    No Smoking =ممنوع التدخين

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    Learn ARABIC

    Hello . Any one has questions on the arabic language , i am ready to help you .

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