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Thread: ESL Sources for Russian Speakers

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    ESL Sources for Russian Speakers

    Does anyone know of any good books/tapes for Russian speakers who want to learn English? Web sites would not be helpful because of the lack of internet access. Thanks


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    I forgot to sign in for the above post.

    Let me clarify that I'm looking for sources that explain the English in Russian text. A person who does not speak any English would have a difficult time learning English where the whole source is in English.


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    Pimsleur makes English for Russian speakers.
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    This is good resours
    You can found them many good for you information.
    Sory i'm learning english.

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    Mark English Resources for Russian speakers

    I know you said no Websites, however you must have limited access to be able to post on here.
    I honestly recommend going to
    there is a section on learning English, choose what you want and pay through PayPal.
    There you go books in Russian to learn English
    If you want a Russian book then shop at

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