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Thread: LADA Hockey playoffs march 2005

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    LADA Hockey playoffs march 2005

    Is there any kind hearted sould who would be willing to tape me on VHS or DVD any of the LADA or DYNAMO hockey playoff games,when they are on TV..The person would be rewarded of
    I can watch them on,but would like to keep them permanentley.

    Здравствуите от Англия !
    Как дела ?
    Я плохо говорю ро Русски !
    Я Бы хотел пожалуиста Хоккей от Динамо или Лада 2002/2003/2004 (С Овечкин / Семин )
    Всего наилучшего
    Да Свидания !!

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    Somebody suggested a place to ask: ... 411018b9f9
    on website . They have all the games and might want to sell copies.

    Another good russian site:

    Good luck!
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