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    I am just beginning to learn Russian. It's my third language. When learning Spanish, I found that listening to music was very helpful. Preferably something that doesn't slur or scream words. The band I listen to most frequently in Spanish is Sin Bandera. They're mellow and I can follow along to the words. So, I was wondering if any of you could recommend me to a band, or bands like this? I mainly enjoy Classic 80's rock. And rock in general. So if there are any good Russian rock bands that you can recommend, please do! I'd love to listen to them, but I doubt I can listen to rock and have it help me.


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    I'd recommend "КИНО". It's a legend of Soviet rock music (the band leader died in the car accident in 1991). You may not enjoy the music (it's very simple), but the lyrics are great and mostly slow and distinctly spoken. You can find some links to mp3-files and text in Lampada posts on this forum.

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    I recommend bands such as Zemfira, DDT, Bi-2 and Splin (I also recommand Kino but it has already being mentionned hehe).

    Some links from my site:

    Actually, almost every band we have in the "rock" section of the site is worth listening to
    Katya from

    For everything about Russian Music including English translations to many Russian songs (classic and modern) visit us at

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