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Thread: Если мы русские...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ
    VM, they have diffrent cultures. In Russia Баба-Яга, Кощей, Иван-царевич, "на дворе трава, на траве дрова" etc. are the same in Smolensk and Vladivostok.
    I suspect Jack and the Beanstalk are the same guy and the same stalk in all English-speaking countries... So what are you trying to say? It's the same story all over the world.

    The folklore, superstitions, kid's games and even pronouncation more or less the same in Russia
    Negative on folklore - it is different, otherwise we wouldn't have so many boffins prancing about the country collecting it. At the same time you're correct - it does have quite a lot in common with most other folklore stories all over the world - there's a plain at which they all meet.

    e.g. I cannot hear the diffrence between Saratov's, Moskow's and Smolensk's pronouncation.
    I can. There's a world of difference between them. The accents are very different and they use different stress patterns in many common words. It's them "heducated" people that may sound the same in business situations, it tends to be the same in other countries - many people will more or less speak the literary norm at work (especially those whose jobs involve working with people) and lapse into their local dialects when speaking to friends and members of the family. Also many will code switch when speaking to people from other parts of the country, which was probably what was happening in your case.

    Well, maybe you did not read сказы Бажова
    I did. Some of them.

    you do not know where Полевской is
    Indeed I don't.

    and who is Данила-мастер
    Is he the guy with the каменный цветок?

    but I'm sure if I say "маленький мальчик нашёл пулемёт" you can finish this phrase.
    No, I can't. How does this phrase end?
    Show yourself - destroy our fears - release your mask

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    but I'm sure if I say "маленький мальчик нашёл пулемёт" you can finish this phrase.
    Больше в квартире никто не живет?
    С утра запутается в шторах и цветах,
    Которые ты забываешь поливать.
    Тебя не радуют весна и пение птах,
    Ведь снова ты должна любовь свою порвать,
    Ведь снова ты должна...

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    Quote Originally Posted by astarz41
    but I'm sure if I say "маленький мальчик нашёл пулемёт" you can finish this phrase.
    Больше в квартире никто не живет?
    Ещё есть варианты "в деревне" (наверное самый часто встречающийся) и "в районе".
    "Happy new year, happy new year
    May we all have a vision now and then
    Of a world where every neighbour is a friend"

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