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Thread: Russian Color Culture

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    Russian Color Culture

    The second I started watching Интерны I noticed the colors were crazily vibrant. When comparing to a show like Grey's Anatomy. Bright blues reds and greens in every shot. I'm watching a show on youtube now call Как я стал русским and the same thing is happening. The costume design to the set decor are vibrant bright colors, it's unlike anything I've ever seen in American TV shows. It's most obvious on the main character who always wears khakis and deeply saturated shirts. Most of the time it goes unnoticed but every once in a while a shot will just be filled to the brim with vibrant colors and I immediately see it as strange and to be honest somewhat fake. Don't get me wrong, I like it, I think it makes the whole atmosphere of the shows more happy. But I'm not sure if it's a camera trick, a kind of cultural movement or what. I know movies I've seen don't seem to be doing this. Does anyone know what the cause or origin of doing this to TV shows is?

    After googling "kitchen" in english vs russian, it seems more obvious that a cultural difference is separate our design schemes.
    Is this compensation for Russia's cold weather? Perhaps an Anti-Soviet Era counterculture? I don't know much at all about Soviet Era Russian culture, just guessing.

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    First of all - TV shows are far from real life. I think it's true for every country in the world.
    Acid colors are not typical for russian culture at all.
    It's funny coincidence, but yesterday I spent about 1 hour of google panoramic views of England and Ireland. Especially yellow "indoor" dots.
    I found England crazy about indoor space partition. And Ireland, imho, is absolutely crazy about color schemes. My brain was almost hurted.
    Of course, it was moslty hotels, bars and shops, but anyway it was too overcontrast and overbright. Also, it seems Ireland doesn't know about price labels.

    Imho, in comparison with North America (from google panoramic views) russian habits allow "noisy in colors and dirt outside". AFAIK, suburbian houses in North America even required to obey surrounding color scheme. It's not about Russia. Noisy colorful scheme is usual thing outside.
    However, usually we do not like "crazy colors" inside houses. It can happen, but I think it's not widespreaded.

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    When I watched Интерны on TV, my impression was "too faded".
    Can you compare your source with some real screenshots

    Notice how many pictures even have a cyan shift.
    "Невозможно передать смысл иностранной фразы, не разрушив при этом её первоначальную структуру."

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