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Thread: Appropriate western fun

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    Appropriate western fun

    Had me in stitches:
    The very word "enjoy" has some indecent flavor in Russian: it is something that is not very appropriate, but done nevertheless. A Russian would usually say "I love/like [doing something]" rather than "I enjoy" [doing something]. Therefore they love (like) some things but doing them does not result in the feeling of contentment - this is actually what I mean by saying "They don't enjoy it".

    Which of course doesn't mean Russians don't know how to have fun! They do know how to have fun, and many Russians abroad miss exactly Russian limitless fun (as comparing to reasonable, appropriate western fun). Also, the English phrase "to have fun" is hardly translatable to Russian, since Russians do not make their purpose "to have fun" or "enjoy". Fun is just something that happens without plans, when people are happy and cheerful. In general, Russian people are much more spontaneous and playful that westerners.
    "Appropriate western fun" - I think this one deserves a medal! Just wanted to share my joy, to cheer us all up - if there are idiots out there writing such BS, it means all is not lost for us - at least we've been provided with brains.
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    What's the source?

    I think this and the article from this thread are actually worth each other.
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