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    Verb Books

    I have seen a few people praising "The Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs", saying that it is better than "501 Russian Verbs". I disagree. I have found at least 2 instances of verbs listed in the index that are not on the page where they are supposed to be, and, in fact, not in the book at all. Second, if you look up the verb in English, then you need to go to the Russian index to find the page it's on. How stupid is that? Can't they indicate the page in the English index too? The page layout of "501 Verbs is much better and I find it a better reference all around.

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    my friend has it. i think its quite good, although some of the examples are extreamly un-neutral and some times of a high style- would cause laughter if an unsuspecting beginer were to take the english translation for face value.
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    I'm a big fan of the big silver one.

    I'll admit sometimes the indexes could have better page numbering. However there are a few indexes which is great.

    I find the examples very helpful. I don't use them directly, but it often helps me work out what I want to write, as I can often find an example that is related to what I want to say.

    501 is a bit of a standard, but big silver is a very serious alternative that people don't seem to know about. I guess thats why it recieves so much praise.

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    If you're just looking for verb conjugations 501 may be better, but I think usage is a big bonus.

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