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Thread: Good Hard Linguistics

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    Good Hard Linguistics


    I have read through and practically memorized three textbooks on Russian. Now, I think it is time to move on to more difficult subjects. I would like to start studying the philology of Russian and some other hard-core linguistic subjects. Can someone recommend a very comprehensive and extremely in-depth linguistic reference/text relating to these and other subjects in Russian linguistics?

    I am quite familiar with linguistic terminology. It has been a hobby of mine for some time. So, please, do not hold back in your recommendations.


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    You can try this book on-line: ... index.html

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    Wow! Vinogradov, haven't read him since grad school. I used to have an edition of this book.

    Here's another site, from UZ and very slow so I'll put you directly into the d/l section, but page through it to find some more interesting stuff.

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