Вы не могли мне помочь?
Я плохо говорю по Русски... Я из Англииский
Мне нравится этот новый кино-"Ночнои Дозор"
Я хочу понимаете,но не понимаю иногда фильм

Nochnoj dozor
Sorry for posting this here,but Im hoping a fan of the book can help me..

Night watch-scratching my head...
I have just finished watching it,Russian with English subtitles..and have came on-line to double check that I understood it properlly,if at all.
Dont get me wriong it looks stunning at times--but in all honesty,i dont think I understood any of it??
WHo would have thought that i would struggle so much without those little 10 line"blurbs"on the bak covers that help you undersatnd what the movie you are about to see is about....lol..!

Like I say,I liked the start and the end,and loved the effects...

Heres what I didnt really get was,and maybe you can help me a little,so I can re-watch it..
I do so want to enjoy it,because I thought it looked great,so help me out with the following....please reply with these answers,as I want to give it another chance

* So if Anton was a Vampire,how did he become one,and how comes he was only a Vampire at the start--looking in "need blood junky Mode" then never ever to be bothered by the need for blood again?--

* The big boss--when Anton was injured-what was all that about-was he the leader of "The Light Side"-during that emergency Operation,did he cure Anton of his blood lust?

*The Lady who was cursed,who made the Curse etc...so what was all that about,was she responsible for the start of the Armageddon--did Anton in-advertantley discover her whilst looking on the train ??--So the "agent" who went undercover-what was his mission,to discover who had offended this woman,and if so,who acyaully did?--did she know she was bringing down the aeroplane..if indeed,she was the reason?

*On the train,didn't Anton almost attack the boy-who ended up being his son...(lol..did you see the weirdo on the train lol)

*The Computer --the Light Side had a PC -which appeared to reveal what other people had seen ,is this correct?

Sorry about this,if anyone can explain things to me in English I would be very gratefull