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Thread: What does -ov, -ev, -in, and -kov mean?

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    What does -ov, -ev, -in, and -kov mean?

    What does the “ov” mean in Smirn-ov?

    What does the “ev” mean in Lebed-ev?

    What does the “in” mean in Put-in?

    What does the “kov” mean in Pop-kov? Or should I ask what does the “ov” mean in Popk-ov?

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    Re: What does -ov, -ev, -in, and -kov mean?

    They mean the same thing - it's a somewhat outdated form of indication of possession (as you probably know a lot of surnames mean something along the lines of "a child of ...", "an inhabitant/a governor of ...", etc.).
    Why are these endings different? It's just a matter of grammar (like declensions and such).

    This way to indicate possession is still used:
    e.g. кошкин дом - cat's house (a house of a cat), and Кошкин as a last name is also legitimate.

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