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Thread: Hostels in Moscow

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    Hostels in Moscow

    I'm trying to convince a friend that staying in a hotel isn't necessary {its working out at being E1500 + for 1 weeks accommodation!!!} but has anyone any experince of hostels in Moscow? Recommendations even?
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    Great hostel in Moskva

    As far as the whole concept of hostels in Russia are concerned - well, there definitely isn't as many to choose from as hotels and apartment rentals (for now). But if my reply isn't too late, and if you are still planning your trip . . . then I can personally recommend 'Godzillas Hostel' located on Bolshoi Karetnyy near the Tsvetnoy metro station. I stayed there two weeks ago when visiting Moscow (yes folks, I've been away from the forum for a while now). The hostel is operated by a cool staff and is newly renovated, and the location is central enough. I liked the neighborhood and it felt very safe there.

    E1500 for one week's accommodation, eh? Yikes. Better head to the hostel. No worries - you'll like it there.
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