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    I have a kind of dumb question, I'm sorry, but if you don't mind answering it would be most appreciated.
    I am very interested in the Russian language and Russian culture and hope someday to even be able to visit Russia. However, I'm a little apprehensive about going there because my mother is from Rio and I inherited her Brazilian body/complexion and really don't look Russian at all. I'm wondering if I'll be singled out too much or ridiculed or anything like that because of how I look. I'm not sure if I'll even want to go if I'll be looked down upon because of how I look.
    If I were ever to go to Russia, I think I'd go to St. Petersburg, and I'm just wondering if people there are generally very unfriendly to darker looking people. Thanks.

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    Just don't go alone wondering in dark alleys, you should be OK
    Hei, rett norsken min og du er død.
    I am a notourriouse misspeller. Be easy on me.
    Пожалуйста! Исправляйте мои глупые ошибки (но оставьте умные)!
    Yo hablo español mejor que tú.
    Trusnse kal'rt eturule sikay!!! ))

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