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Thread: Cell phone

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    Cell phone

    Will this cell phone work in Russia (St. Petersburg)? It's not fancy, but I'm not planning on needing to use it too often. ... 73&sr=8-29

    900/1800 mHz , GSM, and unlocked. I've read on several websites that it should work, but I would just like to make sure before I purchase it.

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    Re: Cell phone

    I don't know nothing about this particular phone, but as far as I know all 900/1800 mHz GSM unlocked cellphones should work in Russia. You can choose between MTS, BeeLine or Megaphone operators (these 3 work almost through whole country and there are also several local ones).
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    Re: Cell phone

    Russian GSM networks use 900/1800 GSM band. So, Yes. It should work in Russia. Actually this phone was sold in Russia (Though it can be a localized Russian version). Here you can read some user's responses (in Russian only).
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    Телефон должен работать, но в жизни всякое бывает, поэтому по приезду его лучше сразу проверить. Даже если он не будет работать, то вполне реально купить подобный телефон в пределах 1000-1500 рублей (~30~50 долларов) с подключением к местному оператору.

    Phone should work but in life things happen, so on arrival it is better to check. Even if it does not work, it is quite possible to buy such a phone within 1000-1500 rubles (~ 30 ~ 50 dollars) to connect to a local operator.

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