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Thread: a big trip (and a lot of visas:/)

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    a big trip (and a lot of visas:/)


    i'm planning to visit some cis countries next year. of course, i have this visa problem tickling me. does anyone know if there is such a thing as a multy-entry business visa for the whole cis countries because single-entry tourist visas are a pain in the ass.

    i'd love to visit the ukraine (possibly belarus too), head to moscow, take the train down to kazakhstan, visit uzbekistan, tadjikistan and kirghizstan.
    next stop are china and south korea. then, i'll try to take a boat to vladivostok, go to lake baikal (and why not mongolia) and go back to moscow (with various stops).
    i have no idea about the caucasian states but it may be a bit too much. i don't want to get sick of travelling

    is it something i can do (i'm used to backpacking but no doctor livingstone and i speak russian) and is the visa thing not to hard to handle?
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    Russia has a multi-entry business visa. Dunno about other coutnries
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