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Thread: American Visiting Russian Girlfriend in Yekaterinburg, have some questions.

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    American Visiting Russian Girlfriend in Yekaterinburg, have some questions.

    hey, so, i'm 22 and an american. my girlfriend's lived in russia all her life, and w ejust met this summer in ocean city, maryland. anyways, I'm going to be staying with her over the holiday, i'll be there for new years and christmas on jan 7th. she lives with her parents who are generous enough to let me stay in their house, and i was wondering if there was any sort of, i don't know, "gift" maybe or something like that i could do for them or give to them that was customary or would be proper, or atleast not offensive. I haven't the slightest idea where to start, and I don't want to ask my gf, i want it to be a surprise. oh, and i don't speak any russian except a few phrases and priviet, and her parents don't speak any english. she, however, speaks almost perfect (most of the time better than my own) english. any suggestions?

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    And I apologize, I just realized this should have gone in the travel section.

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    I think you hardly can offend them, anything that is appropriate in America will be ok here (you are not going to give them underwear or anything anti-Russian, aren't you? )
    If you know anything about their hobbies you could bring them something small, but useful and unavailable in Yekaterinburg stores. For any hobbyist it will be a pleasant surprise. If you don't..souvenirs or treats, maybe? Or something Christmas/New Year related, since you'll decorate New Year tree together. Maybe an angel on top or something, it's a bit exotic for Russia and will remind them about you.

    Ok, I was not very useful here, but I'll keep thinking.

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    ask the daughter what kind of perfume her mother likes.
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    I think it would be a good idea to learn some Russian, since there a lot of cultural differences between you two.

    From what I've been told by my Russian teacher (I could be wrong) It is a very strong flirt when you use familiarities with a woman. It would be important to at least have a slight understanding of the language before you go over there, as not to offend anyone.
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    Bring something from your own culture. Like, if you live in Maine bring some maple syrup.
    Photo book of your town/area. I wouldn't bring perfume cuz you don't know what they like. (You didn't say where you're from or where she is. That might help with suggestions.)

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