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Thread: ТРКИ уровень?

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    ТРКИ уровень?

    Hi there. Does anyone here know what the level the ТРКИ (Test in the Russian Language for Foreigners- needed to be allowed to enroll in a university) is set at? The liden & denz site says it takes about 500+ lessons. But what equivalent level do they expect you to reach? GCSE? A-level? Undergraduate? Postgraduate?
    If anyone knows, or has even sat this test, please respond!
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    If you pass ТРКИ-1 then you can be admitted to a Russian university with a requirement to sign up for more advanced Russian language classes.

    If you pass ТРКИ-2 then you can be admitted to a Russian university without additional requirements, unless you are studying for a translator, editor, reporter, etc. working among Russians.

    ТРКИ-3 allows you to work/study in any field.

    ТРКИ-4 represents the same fluency as native Russian speakers have.

    Here's more information in Russian ... test1.html

    P.S. Conclusion: pass ТРКИ-4 ....just kidding
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