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Thread: Where should I start?

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    Where should I start?

    I'm totally new to Russian, about the only thing I've learned so far is the alphabet. I'm not sure where's the best place to start. I'm absolutely HORRIBLE with grammar, so I was thinking I might start there so I could get into that as soon as possible =P What do you recommend?

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    Although I'm tempted to just link you to the unofficial FAQ(, my suggestion is to enroll in some sort of class or find a private tutor. If that isn't possible, you can always buy a grammar book of some sort along with a dictionary(Kenneth Katzner's English-Russian, Russian-English dictionary is highly recommended, as is Lingvo, if you use the computer a lot). As for suggestions on the grammar book, get one which gives you lots of exercises and has lots of reading selections. It's best not to get something targeted towards tourists. Look for used college textbooks if you can. The Penguin Russian Cource by Nicholas J. Brown is a good choice and can be found in most bookstores. Also, you should ask here if you have any questions. And, please don't disappear.

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