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Thread: Where can I find a good text book?

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    Where can I find a good text book?

    I'm studying Russian on my own. I know the basics: cases, declensions, gender, etc. I have found a lot of good textbooks, but none of them give the answers to the exercises. I studied before with a beginner level book which had answers, and it was very helpful. Now I'm trying to find a intermediate book with an answer key. Any advice?

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    Re: Where can I find a good text book?

    Did you use this yet? Read the reviews for it and see if it fits your level. It is better then most University text books and much cheaper. ... 0140120416
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    Re: Where can I find a good text book?

    I've been learning mostly on my own for about 2 months and I highly recommend the penguin book linked above, it's a great resource. With that book and a native speaker to help you with pronunciation you can do a lot.
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    Re: Where can I find a good text book?

    I'm studying Russian at the university; my text book has been
    written by my professors (in Italy we follow language lessons
    with 2 teachers, the official prof. and the lettore, a kind of
    associate native-speaker teacher) and its name is "La Lingua
    Russa del 2000
    ". It does explain grammatic really clearly, but
    actually it does not contain much exercises, so I had to bought
    another book full of taskes, to get prepared to an exam.
    I have to say, it seems easy to me to study Russian with this

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