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Thread: Typing Russian Fonts - How do I do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silent Killa
    And if you want to switch from russian to american,

    Ain't no such of a language, friend.
    А если отнять еще одну?

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    well its a force of habbit to say that.

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    Here's a weird thing about keyboards. Being where I am, I'm lucky enough to always have the Cyrillic and the Roman alphabets printed on my keys. But I've become so accustomed to typing in Russian now that I keep making mistakes if I try to type in English by looking at the keys .. so now I can only type in English without looking at the keys! Well, it's not that extreme of course, but it's going that way!

    And to silentkilla: is it really a force of habit to say that?? Frightening if so..
    Would you be surprised if a Peruvian said he spoke Peruvian? I guess not
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