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Thread: Steps to learn Russian

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    Steps to learn Russian

    which are the best steps of learning russian?

    Consider someone that cant go to russia to study, or to take classes, someone that wants to study alone.

    The first step could be doing all the pimsleur audio classes (90) and all the rosetta stone classes, but then... how is it possible to continue learning? what did you do?

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    Re: steps to learn russian

    I think you still have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Russian.

    You can watch Russian films with subtitles, read Russian web resources, find a native Russian who would help you with your pronunciation (Skype is very popular).

    This forum also has lots of useful information, links, media, etc. You can also ask questions here, etc.

    I suggest you don't stick with learning courses or software only. Live conversations can also be helpful.
    And try to read more in Russian. Find some interesting fiction book that you would read in your native language and read it. Do not be afraid of unfamiliar words - at first try do deduce their meaning from the context and if nothing helps - read till the end of the chapter and only then use a dictionary (This is a trick I picked up when I learned English).

    And welcome to the forum, by the way.
    Send me a PM if you need me.

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    Re: steps to learn russian

    I'm not doing any commercial course. Library books. Letters, keyboard, read, write, go through web looking for audios. Talk to people. Almost anything you need is available at no extra cost if you already have internet. Listen to music, such as the many posted to this forum, with lyrics posted also. I don't look at the clock, nor the calendar. Just keep going.

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    Re: Steps to learn Russian

    The first step could be doing all the pimsleur audio classes (90)

    Considering lack of transcripts, the singer on the link below must have studied English with P. ( Song known as "Ken Lee" )
    Russian is tough, let’s go shopping!

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    Re: Steps to learn Russian

    Russian vocabulary is very difficult... Therefore in order to understand Russian well you should read a lot of books not forgetting about the grammar that is kinda difficult as well... If you'd like to work at your pronunciation or just practice your speech you'd better be helped by a native speaker..(me-for example) That's my Yahoo E-mail... We may have a talk in Yahoo Messenger )

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