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Thread: Starting from nearly scratch...

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    Starting from nearly scratch...

    Hello there everyone! How is it going? This is my first post, hope to eventually share my progress and get to know some of you so we can eventually speak in Russian together!

    I'm in the very beginning stages of learning.
    I have the Pimsleur set and have done about 4 of the lessons. I'm actually enjoying it alot.

    I'm putting myself at a halt at the moment because I want a few opinions on my approach to Russian.

    I'm wondering if I should stick with doing all the Pimsleur lessons first then try to study the scripture... Reading and Writing, or learn the reading and writing first? Will one way benefit the other better or visa versa? I am, for the time being, doing this alone... I've found a guy to do lessons for 10$ an hour in Los Angeles that runs a Russian bookstore, but at the moment, I can't afford to do his lessons yet. So self teaching is my only option.

    If I should learn the scripture first, is there a place where I can do exercises to help with the memorization part?

    By the way, my reasoning for wanting to learn is because I have, for as long as I can remember, always wanted to visit Russia. It seems like such an amazing country. Also, I am joining the US Navy very soon. I'm hoping to get into Nuclear Engineering, and if not, would love to do linguistics... So if I could show them I have a pretty good understanding of the language before I go in, maybe it would improve my chances...

    Thank you!

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    Re: Starting from nearly scratch...

    Всегда Ваш, Дима!

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    Re: Starting from nearly scratch...

    Quote Originally Posted by Psyopticon
    try to study the scripture...
    If you mean the alphabet, you better learn it right away. If you mean religious scripture you better wait until you're way advanced in Russian.
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    Re: Starting from nearly scratch...

    Keep doing the Pimsleur for a couple of months and then start with the New Penguin Russian Course by Nicholas J Brown, doing both the book and CDs every day. But start learning the alphabet and script now. You will need to know how to read script if you want to read anything handwritten in Russia, and also on some advertizing and books. You will recognize the word endings on the Pimsleur once you start with the book and it will begin to fit together. I wouldn't use the tutor just yet, wait until you feel stuck. Like if you are having a hard time understanding the concept of a case.
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    Re: Starting from nearly scratch...

    Enjoy getting started!

    I know it seems overwhelming, but just keep at it.

    One of my suggestions for getting started on reading and writing is to get a textbook and then start trying to read familiar words (names, names of cities and countries) in Russian. Also, I think one of the very best beginning exercises for writing is to just copy EVERYTHING from your textbook. Try to say the sounds to yourself as you are doing it. Of course you'll make plenty of mistakes, but who cares.

    Also, I have become a big fan of the Vocabulearn tapes. These are great for getting to know lots of words in Russian. Just do a few words at a time, over and over again until you can pronounce them and you know what they mean. You do need to study elsewhere how to use them in a sentence.

    Let us know how everything goes.

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    Re: Starting from nearly scratch...

    Hi Psyoption,

    Here's a useful video that will teach you to read Russian for free... ... an-part-1/

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    Re: Starting from nearly scratch.../progress report

    Progress report

    I am now studying Prepositional Case of Possessive and Demonstrative Pronouns and I find it easy, modesty aside. Aside from these are the masculine, neuter and feminine endings respectively for each noun that each 'possess or demonstrate'. I kept on going back to the first chapter to master them while I progress reading and comprehending later chapters. I have come to love the Russian language. Russian language is a little bit tedious studying but hard work and perseverance I think shall pay. Thanks to all! Above all thanks to MasterRussian.NET.

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