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Thread: Starting from basics: nouns

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    Starting from basics: nouns

    Would it be correct to say that the plural for "amateur" (correct translation?)

    любитель - любители

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    Starting from basics 2: Nouns

    singular - plural

    враждебность - враждебности

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    The plural for "любитель" is "любители" - correct
    Is it correct translation for "amateur"? - it depends on context.

    "враждебность" is uncountable.
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    There was hostility in his actions.
    Hostilities erupted between the Serbians and Croatians.
    Look at how they evolve into nouns.
    Thanks to all! You are doing me wonderful favours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heartfelty View Post
    There was hostility in his actions.
    Hostilities erupted between the Serbians and Croatians.
    Look at how they evolve into nouns.
    Thanks to all! You are doing me wonderful favours.
    Don't make the mistake of expecting Russian translations to map perfectly onto English. "Hostility" has more than one definition, and "hostilities" is only the plural of one of them. Other senses of the word are uncountable nouns.

    "Hostility" in the sense of a feeling of antagonism or enmity is враждебность
    "Hostilities" in the sense of acts of warfare is something like военные действия

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    aardvark - (plural) - трубкозубы

    nominative - трубкозуба

    genitive -трубкозуби

    dative - трубкозубе

    accusative - трубкозубю

    instrumental - трубкозбёй

    prepositional - трубкозбе

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    Hmmmm. According to, "aardvark" in Russian is трубкозуб (masculine), not трубкозуба (feminine).

    In any case, if you know a bit about biology and scientific Latin, and also know enough about Russian word-formation to understand how "calques" from Greek or Latin work, then трубкозуб is actually a pretty interesting word -- it's an obvious calque of the Latin Tubulidentata ("tube-tooth") the taxonomic "Order" (Отряд) to which aardvarks belong. (The Russian calque of "aardvark", which is Afrikaans for "earth pig", would be something close to землесвинья, I guess.)

    However, if you're at a beginning level of Russian and you haven't yet learned such basic words as зуб ("tooth"), I'm not sure that it's very useful to learn the declension of uncommon words like трубкозуб!

    P.S. The masculine noun зуб (plural: зубы) looks like this in the singular:

    Gen. зуба
    Dat. зубу
    Acc. зуб
    Inst. зубом
    Prep. зубе

    And трубкозуб would follow the same pattern except that it would be трубкозуба in the accusative (because it's a masculine noun referring to a living creature).

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    аббат - singular masculine
    аббаты - plural

    аббат - nominative

    аббатя - genitive

    аббатю - dative

    аббате - accusative

    аббатем - instrumental

    аббате - prepositional

    There are two choices in instrumental ем and ом. What are the rules on declension. There are so many choices to choose from in genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, and prepositional. Kindly lay down the rules. Thanks.

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