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Thread: pronunciation training program

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    pronunciation training program

    Ok so like probably most speakers of english as a 1st language, some sounds especially Ы is tricky. Im just wondering if there is a device that says im correct or incorrect. Like in the instance of "tuning" my vowels and constinants, like a beginner at guitar would use a tuner to see if a string was sharp or flat.

    спасибо в продвинутом
    spacibo v prodvinutom
    (yes iused a translator for "thanks in advanced"
    Hopefully my cyrillic-to-latin is right) :P

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    Re: pronunciation training program

    Quote Originally Posted by Vernadead
    спасибо в продвинутом
    I've thought for a long time what this word combination could mean until I read that you used an online translator for "thanks in advance". It's "спасибо заранее" in Russian.
    In Russian, all nationalities and their corresponding languages start with a lower-case letter.

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    Re: pronunciation training program

    The most helpful thing for me so far has been to use tapes and to just keep practicing listening to and speaking words that I find difficult and eventually they get better. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

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