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Thread: An outstanding resource!

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    An outstanding resource!

    The website has a (new?) online course, which seems to be free, for Russian learners. I think it's aimed at beginners or near-beginners. I've only looked at the first story, but it seems to be really superb! I really enjoyed listening to / reading the first bit, although it's a bit too basic for me. ... /index.htm

    By the way, it will probably help to have broadband, although I had no trouble listening to the audio on dial-up.

    The English guy is called 'Sherlock Higgins' .. but I think I'm in love with Agata
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    The English guy is called 'Sherlock Higgins' .. but I think I'm in love with Agata
    I think it's 'Sherlock Hitchcock' and Agatha Christianson. Heheh, sounds like rip-offs of Sherlock Holmes, Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christy. Thanks for this link waxwing it's great! I have a friend that lives in Vladimir. I'd better tell her to watch out for the 'International Mafia'!

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    great link

    I just want to thank you waxwing, that is a great source to learn... I just started learning russian this week, and I love it. this link will help me alot.

    have a great day!
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