I have now finished lesson 4 of primsleur (I am starting out slow), and my main problem is, that I can not remember the words in the lesson where they are introduced. I will remember them for the next lesson if I can walk around thinking about them.

Now, to actually help myself, I started in lesson 2 to write down the dialogue - in russian. Using http://translation.paralink.com/translation.asp to translate the english into russian, adjusting it until I get the same russian output as is spoken.

So when I have to form some phrase, and I can't remember the word, I can look back at the russian text, find the word, and actually practice reading it before pronouncing it out loud. I feel this is the way it works best for me, and has the side advantage, that I get to know the look of some words, recognizing them without even having to spell through them.

So IMHO, I have just improved Pimsleur / Пнмслёр