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Thread: Learning with music - suggestions?

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    Question Learning with music - suggestions?

    Hey there!

    After having some issues to keep myself motivated with learning Russian, I remembered that I made great progress with my English skills back then by listening to music and translating/memorizing the lyrics.

    So, I figured it could be a good way to keep practicing if I do the same thing again with Russian music. Unfortunately, though, I don't know much about music from Russia, especially because I don't like folk music very much, which seems to be most of the "cliché songs".

    Personally, I would prefer artists from the rock genre, but anything else is fine too of course. Criterias would be that the music is not just instrumental (figures...) and that the lyrics aren't too complicated and have some kind of value in real situations (in other words: Shouldn't be too poetic).

    Songs I've liked and learned so far:
    - Кино - Пачка сигарет
    - ДДТ - Не Стреляй
    - Рожден ануси - Не Стреляй (you can guess how I found that one...)

    So, if you know any artists or songs that would be suited, please fire away .

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    These are much more "metal", but some of their songs are more traditional rock.
    You can find these on youtube or on VK:
    Виконт - Гордый Король
    Крылья - Отпускаю
    Арктида - Открой глаза

    If those are of no interest to you, you can go onto VK, and add songs you do like to a playlist, and VK will make a very very surprisingly effective suggested music category for you.

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    Thanks for the advice! Looks like Youtube and Spotify are very limited with Russian bands, so VK definitely looks like an easier way to find new stuff. Крылья sounds pretty cool so far. I'll see what VK leads me to . Most recommendations seem to be simply other songs by the same artists, but that might just be the lack of examples.
    E: Just found Stigmata - what an awesome band!

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    Hi, Chris! Welcome to the forum!
    See if you could find something fitting your needs here: Music, Songs, Lyrics

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    The problem with the rock is that lyrics are mostly gibberish, and it is difficult to extract any sense from them.

    Let me bewilder you with great and unique Soviet band. (It also works as good soporific.) I bet no one ever could make so many songs about leaves and snowflakes!

    Ласковый Май - Всё напрасно
    Ласковый Май - Осенний парк
    Ласковый Май - Метель в чужом городе
    Ласковый Май - Тающий снег
    Ласковый Май - Листопад
    Ласковый Май - Глупые снежинки

    From others I could recommend hundreds, but will limit myself for now with these
    Кузьмин - Когда меня ты позовешь
    Мумий Тролль - Молодость
    Мумий Тролль - Алмазами
    Высоцкий - Честь шахматной короны.Игра.
    Кай Метов - Билет
    Пугачёва - Жди и помни меня
    Лещенко - Притяжение Земли
    Валерия* - Это не сон (Это любовь моя)
    Чёрный кофе - Путешествие в жизнь
    Лицей - Осень
    Несчастный Случай - Генералы песчаных карьеров
    Земляне - Трава у дома
    Глызин - Письма издалека
    Меладзе - Иностранец
    Ротару* - Улетели листья
    Наутилус Помпилиус - Шар цвета хаки

    * Performed by multiple artists
    "Невозможно передать смысл иностранной фразы, не разрушив при этом её первоначальную структуру."

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