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Thread: Which grammer source to be suggested?

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    Which grammer source to be suggested?

    Hello all... I have lots of stuff on my computer to learn Russian. So far, I have completed Pimsleur series, Michel Thomas series and Rosetta Stone Russian I and Russian II...

    I have lots of audio sources left also:
    Ultimate Rusian
    Just Listen 'n Learn Russian
    русский язык для всех
    Vladimir 2
    Hugo Russian in Three Months
    Russian FAST
    Colloquial Rusian
    Dover - Russian - Listen & Learn

    But from now on, I would like to focus on grammer in more detail before listening those audio lessons.

    I have these three and most probably some of the best materials in hand. Which one do you suggest first to start with?
    - Princeton Course
    - S Azov (Russian from Scratch)

    So, the question is with which one should I go first?

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    Re: Which grammer source to be suggested?

    The New Penguin Russian Course - A Complete course for beginners ... 0140120416

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    Re: Which grammer source to be suggested?

    Hi JeffoJeff, I hate to give you one more book to get, but for me it's the best, hands down. And it's so tiny. A tiny book about grammar is a good thing. It's called ESSENTIAL RUSSIAN GRAMMAR by Brian Kemple. Can find it anywhere, I'm sure. Go thru the book and write out the example sentences onto flashcards. Good Luck!
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