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Thread: Awesome program!

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    Awesome program!

    I had no idea where to put this and im not sure if ive posted it before but ill post it again anyway. I am using this prgram for russian ( it also works for other languages) and it has helped me ALOT. I cant keep it to myself! lol

    You enter you're e mail and download it from there:

    Here is a helpful website for russian and im also using that im sure will be very helpful for you to!

    ^ if the like does not work just go to and lick on russian

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    sorry for the typo I meant to say link ^

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    You can use the edit button to correct errors on your own posts, every member should have one...

    That second link is the first reference website I used when I first started learning Russian. I'd say it's pretty good for beginners.

    I also have the 'Before you know it' program. It's a little 'wordy' for beginners in my opinion but there's some good phrases in there and the speakers are clear in their pronunciation.
    Please correct any Russian language mistakes I make.

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    Thanks very much for the links

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