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Thread: Adjective ending "-ний"

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    Adjective ending "-ний"

    Why are these soft adjectives, but "-ий" are hard? For example, синий, синяя, синее; not синий, синая, синое.

    I'm guessing that this has something to do with the letter 'н', but I'm a little confused.

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    -ий itself is a 'soft' ending.

    -ый is the hard adjectival ending because ы is a 'hard vowel'
    -ий is the soft adjectival ending because и is a 'soft vowel'
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    He means why does "-ний" decline into "-яя", "-ее", "-ие" etc. instead of "-ая", "ое", "ые" etc. which I have no answer. I don't know. It may be worth noting that in most other adjectives ending in "-ий", the stem ends with a "к", "ш" or "щ", consonants for which the spelling rules require that they cannot be followed by the letter "ы".

    (But I really don't know if this has anything to do with it...)
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