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Thread: What happen to "older/former/past" members & new platform?

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    What happen to "older/former/past" members & new platform?

    So I happen to exchange emails with a past member of MR yesterday and said that I missed them on MR and got this reply...

    i would be back on MR, but the thing is my log in is gone and name changed, i just didnt have the strength to start from scratch again
    I know it wasn't that long ago that we switched to the new platform and all but I can't remember... didn't we just have to resign in with a new password? Our user names were still here and all of our history was still here.

    Has that changed?

    Was there a cut-off time to restart your "old" life on MR?

    If this person wants to login now, what would happen?

    What kind of outreach has been done to past members who never converted to the new platform?

    A number of old members I just have not seen since we switched and I wonder... why?
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    There is a page for recovering old logins "Lost Password Recovery Form - MasterRussian.NET". The only thing for the person to do is to enter the correct e-mail address which was used upon the registration procedure. (Even if he/she remember his/her old password it was wiped out upon forum upgrading in the 2010, so he/she needs to get a new one)
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    As far as I'm aware of, all the old logins were preserved. You just need to reset your password. That's all!

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