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Thread: OPERA: Reading a forum thread doesn't affect the icons on the main page.

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    OPERA: Reading a forum thread doesn't affect the icons on the main page.

    There's some minor Opera bug which is not representable on IE or Chrome.
    I don't know whether it's Opera to blame or my configuration.

    1. Go to the main page and see if there are any 'Has New Messages' icon. Click it.
    2. Read the new messages in the forum or mark them as read.
    3. Return to the main page. I don't know whether it's just me or it is a universal situation but the forum I'd just visited still marked with the 'Has New Messages' icon.
    Now, when you go to this forum again you'll see that there's nothing new. And only after you return to the main page for the second time the icon reflects that.

    P.S. Oh, one other thing.
    The address either has some redirection error (gets you to the old ) or has been improperly configured. You need to type (without www. part) to get to the forum.
    Send me a PM if you need me.

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    The redirect is now fixed.

    I will look into the issue of the forum not tracking the 'New Messages'. That's probably something with the cookies settings on the forum.

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    That is Opera acting up. It happens to me on other forums as well, especially if you return to a previously visited page by using mouse gestures. Opera just loads the page from the cash in the same exact form it was when you originally visited it. It is supposed to speed up your browsing. All you need to do is to reload the page or re-visit it by clicking a link pointing to it rather than by using the "Return" button or mouse gesture.

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