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Thread: Difficulties with "Pen-Pals" function...

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    Difficulties with "Pen-Pals" function...

    Hi! I posted a similar message on the general discussion BB, but then I noticed this discussion. Sorry about the extra post!

    I'm very inexperienced with bulletin boards... never, ever, participated in a "Chat" room/session/whatever, so even though I work with computers quite a bit, this is new territory for me.

    Anyway, I want to exchange emails with people to help me to learn Russian by practice with real communications. I'm just starting to learn the language, so I'm in no great rush...

    I found your site a week or so ago while looking for samples of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet in type & script. I just signed up yesterday.

    I tried to change my password yesterday, but I still can only log in with the system generated one. Also, I just successfully logged in to the "Pen-Pals" function, but was unable to view the list (lists?) of people wanting to exchange messages.

    So... is there a general problem with "Pen-Pals", or is it just my account that has some bugs in it???

    Thank you very much for your attention!

    - КарлCarl
    Hi! I am looking for people to exchange emails with to learn the Russian Language.

    Привет! Я ищу людей, чтобы обменяться адресами электронной почты для того, чтобы изучать русский язык.

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    The database was down for a few hours yesterday and a backup was running while the other one was being fixed. As the table writes made during this time were minimal, they were not reflected. And as the penpals script seems to be working for me now, I suspect maybe you were trying this during that time. Also keep in mind that if you specify things to search for in the list there is no guarantee you will get any matches if it is too specific. Just because there are 400 people in the list does not mean some of them come from Zimbabwe and speak German and are between the ages of 40 and 50. If you are still having problems send a PM to either me or Master Admin and be sure to mention the username you registered with and email address.

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