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Thread: Why has my fiancee changed so much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcoudav View Post
    1. everyone we met called her by a name she said was the Russian equivalent of hers
    2. and the times we were on our own and she was speaking English it was through a strong Russian accent.
    I think you said it yourself. Nothing especially esoteric or alien. Start calling someone repeatedly a swine and she'll start oinking and grunting ..

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    You don't lose your native accent just because you live abroad.
    Believe me, I know what I am talking about.
    She is acting bizarrely or having you on.

    Maybe after a lifetime away from a country you only spent your childhood in.
    But not in under a year.
    She's not even going to be a fluent speaker of Russian in that little time - it's a hard language.

    As for her name, yes, the regular Christian names have an equivalent in all European languages, including Russian. Personally I prefer English people to use the anglicized version of my name, or an English nickname, because it just sounds ugly when they have a go at the real pronunciation, plus it just singles you out unnecessarily as foreign. She probably reached the same conclusion - also, the Russian nicknames are rather cute, I can see how she'd enjoy being called Katia or something, even if she is a "Kate".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul G. View Post

    Oh I know! See my comment in the "Fun" section to Ramil's post.

    It's like in that book where the evil Russians swapped the US First Lady with a Russian lookalike.
    After getting the real memories out of the original version........
    Take heed! ! Your real fiancee might be languishing in the "Gulag"

    Is it her, or is it the evil Russian doppelgänger....?!

    Check if she uses "the" and "a" correctly.....

    If she inserts a "the" where there shouldn't be one, call "Homeland Security" and have her passport cancelled....

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    Ah man, it's difficult situation...very difficult

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