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    Tsunami Account

    First off I'd like to say that this is not a funny story. I know that it does not belong here but there is no place to put it. I think that people should know what others have gone through recently and are still going through. While we sit in our comfortable homes others are still grieving over unimaginable loss.

    This is someones first hand account of survival and subsequent rejection by his own country.
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    Even though I'd heard about what actually does the killing in a tsunami, ie. 'the debris' impaling, or dragging people underwater to a drowning, it was still really hard to imagine. It's strange how tame the video footage of the waves look in comparison to what they actually achieve. I guess you kind of expect an abrupt, glamorously crazy looking wave. But in reality, it'd be simply the pure force behind the scenes. None of the footage I've seen even remotely tells that story that story that you blogged. It's amazing to hear of just how much debri is floating (soaring) past, and all the stuff that you can clip onto to get trapped underwater. It's still hard to fathom even after that guy's story, but he did a good job of making it at least more fathomable than I found it before.

    I guess it's repetitious to comment on the political jip he recieved, as we always bag out governments. But, this story does entice one to get out one's tongue, and go on a verbal rampage about how diabolical the US government is. I'll resist, though. (Except for the fact that I just mentioned it hypethetically).

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