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Thread: Smirnoff Ice

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    There isn't just one type of popular tea in Moscow. There are a million choices (including Lipton). The store shelves are stocked with all different flavors from all different countries. English teas, herb teas and favored teas are all available at all the supermarkets. Tea bags and loose teas are equally popular. Green tea seems to be the rage with all the women I know. I just buy what ever is on sale this week at the supermarket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QWERTYZ
    well i doubt that you'll find anything similar to that tea brands that are really drunk here know, India is one of the most important strategic partners since old good times of SU there is an outstanding amounts of weird cheap brands of tea ...brought directly from India and packed in Russia..named in russian of course
    same for chinese tea and ceylon tea
    I found this tea link and really liked it. Some day I hope to try it. Does it look correct? ... html#ss1.1

    I found it interesting that a concentrate is first made and then boiling water added to the portions prior to drinking. Very nice. Gotta have some.
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    yes funny written!
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